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5 actresses you want to see Emma work with someday?

I’d love to see my other favourite actresses working with Emma. Robbin Wright, Helen Hunt, Gillian Anderson, Jessica Lange and Helen Mirren. There so much more, but you asked for five so! 

I got into ANOTHER university! I’m so happy and thankful to have gotten two offers!

Love is easy to fall into, liking is much harder. Think of your wedding as a driving test; you take it, you pass it and then you really start to learn how to drive. 


Womanhood explained by Emma Thompson

Prince George’s First Royal Tour


Jessica Lange photographed with her daughter, Shura


Jessica Lange photographed with her daughter, Shura


Happy 55th Birthday, Emma Thompson!

b. 15th April 1959

"I’m not fiddling about with myself. We’re in this awful youth-driven thing now where everybody needs to look 30 at 60. The trick is to age honestly and make it look great so that everyone looks forward to it."


Hannibal Meme → 5 Characters

↳ [3/5] Bedelia Du Maurier

"You know, I really am quite surprised. I’m thinking she pulled that rabbit out of the hat. I don’t know of a better actress, but don’t let her hear that. I guess another question is: whenever she’s acting with me, you know what I mean? Uh, I mean on film! I mean, not to mention life." (x)

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