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5 actresses you want to see Emma work with someday?

I’d love to see my other favourite actresses working with Emma. Helen Hunt, Gillian Anderson, Jessica Lange, Helen Mirren and Sandra Bullock. There so much more, but you asked for five so! 

I got into ANOTHER university! I’m so happy and thankful to have gotten two offers!



discover ur fate xo

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Love is easy to fall into, liking is much harder. Think of your wedding as a driving test; you take it, you pass it and then you really start to learn how to drive. 

I found out that I got accepted to my dream university today!



Womanhood explained by Emma Thompson




It was my mother’s. Her most precious heirloom. When I was a little girl, I used to gaze up at her wearing this necklace. Thinking to myself I will never grow to be so transcendent.

Oh, I know the feeling well.

Lily, have you ever admitted to finding Robin sexually attractive?